We are a small but passionate charity, made up of people who want to help build a more peaceful and cohesive society.

We believe that in today’s world there is an urgent need for us to create connections between people of different cultures and faiths.

We believe that interaction and friendship are the most effective ways to challenge stereotypes and prejudice.

We would love you to join us!

About Bridges

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Peace Feast

Sharing a meal together gives people from different cultures and faiths the opportunity to meet and build friendships.


Sharing Festivals

We bring people together around religious festivals and feasts — like Ramadan and Christmas — to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes.



This project provides one-to-one support for refugees and asylum-seekers in Bristol, who may be isolated or struggling.


Syrian Befriend

We help to support refugees who have been resettled in Bristol after fleeing the terrible conflict in Syria, through volunteer support and cultural awareness training.


Cultural Exchange Trips

We organise trips to connect people in the UK and the Middle East, facilitating opportunities for perceptions to be changed and for friendships to be built.


We provide cultural awareness training for working crossculturally, and refugee support training for groups working with refugees, asylum-seekers, and vulnerable migrants.


    Our Partners


    Regular giving enables us to plan ahead for Bridges activities and growth.
    We are so grateful to our growing crowd of BridgeBuilders — people who have committed to giving a little bit each month to making all of this happen! Would you like to join them? To make a regular or one-off donation, please click below.