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TBT: Bethlehem Olive Harvest 2015

This Thursday our throw-back is to Autumn 2015, when a group of volunteers from the UK joined Palestinian farmers for their annual olive harvest.

The British volunteers spent time assisting with the harvest, learning about the complexities and hardships of life in the region, and - of course - meeting people and making friends.

Eliza, one of the British volunteers, explained:

'The trip was even better than expected. We met some very inspirational people, and learned about the conflict and how it affects people's daily lives. I learned that I definitely had some misconceptions and assumptions before coming, and it has made me reflect on how I would act if I was in a similar situation, and how I can try to be more tolerant and positive in difficult situations.' 

See the short video below for a insight into what they got up to!  If you are interested in future trips like this, contact us via the website. We'd love to hear from you!

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