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Sharing Ramadan 2018

This year Bridges organised 5 Sharing Ramadan events in Cardiff and 2 in Bristol, enabling people to visit a mosque (many for the first time) and learn about what this time of year means to the Muslim community.

What participants said:

Thank you so much for the experience tonight, I had such a great time and was made to feel so welcome by everyone. It was wonderful to see what goes on in a mosque and to experience the breaking of the fast with lovely company and delicious food.

Thank you for facilitating such a wonderful evening. I had no idea there was a large mosque there. We were so warmly welcomed by our Muslem sisters, they ensured we were well fed with great generosity. The lady I sat next to for the Iftar meal has children who go to the primary school that I live right opposite! They seemed touched that I hadn't eaten (since my breakfast!) so that I could better appreciate the experience of breaking the fast.


Visiting the Easton Jamia mosque during the Grand Iftar on St Marks Rd

Sharing Ramadan events at Dar Ul Isra mosque were again well attended

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