Peace Feast

Connecting People Across Cultures

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A really heartwarming evening at The Station in Bristol as 65 people from different communities and different backgrounds came together to share a delicious meal and took the time to talk together and listen to one another.

Here's what people who came said about it:

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet people from different faiths and backgrounds whom I never usually meet."

"Great food! Amazing conversations! Beautiful music. Such a brilliant sense of community."

"Thoroughly enjoyable... good food, good company: what more could a person want?"

"When you're intentional about talking then you get so much out of it - thank you for encouraging us to be!"


We'd like to say a special thank you to:

- Food Without Borders for a delicious Moroccan tagine

- Mohammed El Sharif for sharing his story and opening up great conversations

- Soufian Saihi, Oud soloist and founder of Karama, for providing beautiful background music


Here are a few highlights from the evening: 

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Highlights from the Peace Feast at Easton Academy last Friday. With special thanks to the school for hosting, to Dijwar Khalil for the beautiful music, to Moveable Feast for the meal we shared, to everyone for coming and making it so enjoyable... and to Samira Belhaj for the photos!

What participants said about the event:

"This was a lovely event with very warm welcome, great food and a good opportunity to meet people."

"A fantastic evening, it was lovely to hear people's stories. Amazing food."

"A good opportunity to get to talk with other people."

"Brilliant! Can't wait for the next one!"

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We had a wonderful evening at St Werberghs Community Centre, bringing together 45 people to share a delicious meal cooked by Karam Catering (a refugee catering startup). The evening also included live music from Musa and Bashar, and a short talk by the High Sheriff, Charles Wyld. 

What people said: 

"Who wouldn't enjoy a great meal and the chance to meet some extraordinary people!"

"Excellent event, fantastic food and wonderful people - really enjoyed the whole event."

"This is such a simple idea - I loved the opportunity to meet and share delicious food with new people." 


 40 people who live or work in Easton came together at Easton Family Centre recently to share a meal, listen to one another's stories and experiences, and build new friendships. 

Food was provided by the amazing team at Moveable Feast (an social enterprise created by Bristol Hospitality Network). 

Here's what a few people said about the event:

"It was lovely to share good food with neighbours - I even met people who live on my street!"
"Brilliant opportunity to interact over a meal and get to know people of different cultures."
"I am impressed by the friendliness and love shown by all the people at this event."
"Delicious food - I liked hearing people speak about their lives."

On Friday night 55 people shared a delicious meal at St Werberghs Community Centre, at the latest 'Peace Feast' hosted by Bridges for Communities. 

The food was provided by Karam Catering, a refugee startup featuring the culinary skills of Syrian women who have recently arrived in Bristol through the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. 

The evening also featured music on the saz by Dijwar Khalil, a short talk, and lots of fantastic conversations happening around the tables! 

What participants said about the evening:

'It was so great to meet and spend time getting to know and laughing with people who I may otherwise not come across.'

'It  was so wonderful to hear the music and watch people join in with singing around the room. Felt like a real moment of solidarity.'

'It was a really good event.. the food was amazing and it has been really nice to meet new people from different cultures.'




On Tuesday 23rd October 40 people gathered for a meal at Zaika restaurant Cardiff; a Peace Feast, called Hear about Hajj. This specific event has happened annually in Cardiff, is in its 7th year and is a partnership between Bridges for Communities and Dar Ul Isra Mosque.

60 people from across Bristol got together to celebrate the fact that Bristol is a city that welcomes refugees and asylum seekers, and to celebrate the contribution that they make to the city.

This event was organised in partnership with STAR (Student Action for Refugees) and was part of Bristol Refugee Festival.

Here's what people who came along said:

"I was moved and inspired by the people I shared food with. I hope to get more involved!"

"Really good & helpful to hear personal stories. Great to hear about Syria and Eritrea not just in the context of conflict."

"Good event - excellent speakers and music."

"I absolutely loved the Sudanese singing.. it was extraordinary!'



On 7th December 2016 the Trinity Centre in Cardiff was transformed into a Christmas extravaganza! Bridges For Communities partnered with STAR (Student Action For Refugees) to turn their their annual, drop-in Christmas Party into one big Peace Feast.

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